My simple, stripped back email coaching playground for those who want a noise-free & AFFORDABLE way to make regular progress. (For around the price of 1 lunch out per week.)


My weekly nudge helped me raise $750,000 in 2 years.

Now look.

I’m not going to pretend that 1 weekly email was the single silver bullet responsible for 100% of my results.

(That's never true.)

But I WILL tell you that if it weren’t for the weekly check-in emails that I had with the founders of the non-profit I was running…

I don’t believe that I would have raised nearly as much money in that time.

Here’s why…

The weekly check-ins showed my brain very clearly:

  • What’s working
  • What’s not working
  • What roadblocks I needed to work through
  • How to continue building momentum over time

They were so effective for me that over the years, I tried to “hire” friends and family members to do these “weekly nudge” emails for me.

But it never worked out.

  1. I wasn’t paying them so they weren’t motivated to stay consistent with it.
  2. Even if I DID pay them, they didn’t have the coaching tools (or business experience) to help me work through obstacles.

Which is why I’m THRILLED to introduce this new coaching playground to you now.

One that I’ve wished existed for myself for the last 12 years. 

And at an affordable rate where I know you can create results worth FAR MORE than what you pay.

Want to learn more? Keep reading. 😉

Is "A Weekly Nudge" The Right Place For You?

If these 5 things sound like you, I literally created this playground for you to get the support & momentum that you’ve been wanting. 

  • If someone nudges you an inch, you’ll run a MILE. (i.e. A friend mentions a book that would help you with a challenge while out at dinner and before you get home, you’ve ordered it on Kindle and read the first chapter.)

  • There are areas of your business, work, or creativity where you’d like to make regular progress or improvement. (Your habits, revenue results, progress on big projects, reactions to triggers, etc.)

  • You're willing to do the inner work, but you wanna know that you’re not completely alone. (That there’s someone checking in on you & looking out for an update from you, too.)

  • You don’t want a FULL BLOWN coaching program right now. (Or to hire someone to be in the trenches with you.)

  • But you do want SOME sort of personalized support. (So you aren’t fending for yourself in an online course or consulting Google on the daily.)

Want A Taste Of What It's Like Inside A Weekly Nudge?

✅ Hellllllllllo accountability (I’m talkin’ weekly check-ins)

✅ Focus (instead of constant distractions)

✅ Traction on hitting milestones & finishing projects

✅ Speed & momentum

✅ Less noise & overwhelm

✅ More simplicity

✅ A buddy so you don’t have to do this alone

… and VERY effective tools to help you work through every obstacle that comes up along the way. 

Here’s How It Works,
In A Nutshell 🥜

(It’s really simple.)

  • Right away, you’ll get full access to THE TOOLS & the tracking sheet.

5 mini-trainings that will give you a foundational overview on tools to help you overcome any obstacle, challenge, or sticky point in your life, work, or business.

Plus, a Google sheet you’ll share with me to track the progress you’re making week after week.

  • Every Monday, you'll get a simple email.

It’ll ask…

What did you accomplish last week?

What do you want to accomplish this week?

What do you think COULD get in your way?

  • Then, personalized guidance from me based on what you say.

I’ll point you to the tool that will be most useful for you in this particular moment and HOW to use it with your specific situation.

So that you can…

Build momentum towards the things you want to create.

Get support on the stuff that feels sticky.

Know that you’re not alone.

Hit the milestones you want to hit faster & with more ease, too.

(Which is around the price of a weekly lunch out – like my favorite Vegan Jamaican Jerk Sandwich. 🤤😋)

Fill out the form below to get started!

You can cancel anytime with just 3 days notice & no drama.

All this? Just $75/month.


What do you want to make happen with your weekly nudge?

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I've got you, Friend!

Having Trish on my team has made all the difference.

The brave, scary moves I'm making are still challenging, and yet I'm empowered to get through them and grow from them in profound ways.

Her support is the best blend of unwavering belief and innovative strategies.

It's been impossible to stagger or self-sabotage with weekly support from Trish!"

-Sarah K.