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I was on f*cking

When I was "on"...

Working 14+ hours a day.

Turning every meeting into an instant list of action items.

Not letting myself sleep until I crossed off every one.

Demanding excellence out of everyone around me.

Being thoroughly UNWILLING to wait or be “patient” for results.

You know what happened?

I made magic happen as I ran / grew other people’s companies.

  • Raising $750,000 in donations for a brand new non-profit.
  • Becoming the C.O.O. of a 7-figure brand in my early 20s.
  • Writing copy that generated multiple 7-figures in a single launch.

And Then... Burnout.

6+ months where I could barely get out of bed, burnout.

Lucky if I have 2 hours of energy a day, burnout.

Spending most of my time binging old episodes of Friends, Will & Grace, and How I Met Your Mother, burnout.

I thought the solution was to care less about achievement. 

Care less about making money. Care less about performance.

But I Ached To Have My Ambition Back.

“Not caring” was a lie I tried to make fit ‘cause I thought it would make me happy, sane, & stress-free.

It was JUST as painful to sit on the couch, scroll social media, watch my friends make dreams happen, and wonder…

“How come THEY get to do important work and reach impressive milestones, but every time I try… it breaks me?”

I felt weak, flawed, helpless, and depressed for years.

There were all these IDEAS inside of me, itching to get out.

It wasn't until I found a particular set of coaching tools that...

I Started To Return To Myself.

Finally! I could have both. 

Life-saving mental health & well-being 
My ambitious, driven nature

It felt like finding a lighthouse after being lost at sea, in a storm, fighting to get back home.

For 3+ years now, I’ve taken better care of myself than ever before.

While also making moves in my business I am DAMN proud of.

And I tend not to work more than 30 hours a week. 

More importantly, I’m helping my clients make similar changes.*

Which means I get to hear things like…
  • “My advisor just asked how I made my business TAKE OFF. I gave him your name.”
  • “I honestly believed something was wrong with me, but now I see that’s not true.”
  • “My husband said he’s glad I work with you because my anxiety is WAY down.”
  • “I was able to rock my keynote presentation without the stress.”
  • “My peers were complaining about how overworked and underpaid they feel. While I’m earning more money & working less.”
  • “I felt like such an imposter, but now I know I’m a badass C.E.O.”
  • “My confidence is through the roof. I just tripled my rates and got a yes.”
  • “I now have a work/life balance most people DREAM of.”
  • “My friend worked with you and I can’t believe how chill she is now. Even as her business is doubling. What’d you do to her? Can I get some of that too?”
  • "I no longer self-sabotage!"

Sound Interesting?

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*Yes, I’m officially certified.

The Life Coach School as a Certified Life Coach. 

Ethical Coaching Collective as an Integrative Change Worker. 

International Association of Counselors & Therapists as an Integrative Life Coach.

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